Frida's Maui

One of my favorite cuisines has to be Mexican. I think I just love all things covered in salsa. When I was in Maui, I found this awesome Mexican restaurant called Frida's. 

Frida's was really cute. It had pretty paintings, and it wasn't one of those overdecorated restaurants. The inside had a fun beachy feel to it, but also had classic artwork by Frida Kahlo tied into it. 

When we walked in, we were seated and immediately served chips and salsa. The chips tasted fresh and the habanero salsa was perfectly spicy and I would easily go back for it.

Everyone in my family ordered different things. My mom ordered cheese crusted quesadillas, my dad got steak enchiladas, my brother got make your own tacos from the kids menu, and I got chile rellenos. 

Everyone was super happy with their meals. I tried my mom's food and you would think that cheese crusted on a cheese quesadilla would be weird, but it added great texture. 

My chile was really good. It was well cooked and the cheese just came oozing out like I was hoping. The sauce balanced out the whole dish. 

Overall, I would give the restaurant 4.3 stars. Frida's is definitely worth going to, and we even wanted to go back for more the next day. If you are ever in Maui, Frida's is a worthwhile stop.